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Free Kevin Trudeau

This is in NO WAY affiliated with the FREE KEVIN

TRUDEAU facebook group, or the web site FREE KEVIN

TRUDEAU that is run by Kevin Trudeau himself.

This is entirely independent of the Kevin Trudeau organization First, .post this link to facebook and all social media. Send it to everyone on your e-mail list. http://goldenwebweaver.com/freekevintrudeau.htm

Did you know that information headed to

the white house is blocked, so the

president never sees mail sent to him?

How do you think SHERIFF ARPAIO was

pardoned? He had tried to reach the

President through the White house, and

the information was blocked. So, he

sought other channels outside the White

House, and was then pardoned.

Want proof?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2 mt-BMf6OU&t=569s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XO WafzjWon4&t=239s

Watch the above videos for

proof. Come back to this page

for further information.

Contact http://stonecoldtruth.com and e-mail addresses, to get through to the President’s friends, to get Kevin Trudeau pardoned. Contact ROGER STONE through twitter.               http://twitter.com Come back to this page for further information.            More detail in a post that is at the following link: http://facebook.com/freekevintrudeau SIgn up below, and get news about Kevin Trudeau, and the prospects of his soon release through a pardon from the President.
the link below works top line name bottom line e-mail address  you can send e-mail to us via this website on the contact page and you will be on the list.
In a number of places they are telling people to send mail to President Trump via the White House. NEWS FLASH: That does not work, and cannot work, until a major overhaul takes place of the White House. I proved it, in the two videos above. Now what you can do. Tweet to Roger Stone. He fairly regularly talks directly to the President.   https://twitter.com/RogerJStoneJr All Tweets should contain a link to Kevin Trudeau’s PDF letter to the President. http://kevintrudeau.com/wp- content/uploads/2017/02/Letter-to-Donald- Trump.pdf On the www.stonecoldtruth.com website there is a note in “roger stone’s calendar” about a book signing, by Roger Stone, in Florida September 5. Anyone in Florida can go see Roger Stone, in person. Write to stone@stonecoldtruth.com